Let's Talk School Lunch Shall We..-Part 1 - Adventures With Ellie

Let's Talk School Lunch Shall We..-Part 1

My kids have goals this year which I am their #1 cheerleader and being so I think the best way to do so is by making sure they have Good Eats. Sure they get their food but to actually be excited to check what is in their lunch box would be even more awesome. To be honest here it's usually been a sandwich,drink and snack but this year I'm changing it up. My two younger ones will be having these in their lunchboxes :


I also want to use these as well as I figure I can just put these on the side of each bag for them for extra goodies.

Plus when it gets chiller I'll start making soup for them (make for dinner and save some for their lunch) I was looking at what would be best and I really like this one :

It's the right size and I really like how strong it seems. With my kids who love to through their backpacks they need some thing that will be strong to the "love" they give it and still keep lunch in warm and ready for them.

Now I bet your wondering OK so where are they carrying all of these things?! Well glad you asked here is the lunchbox we ordered the kids.(Well purple for our girl)

I am really excited to be able to do this for my kids and to share what I find works and share it with you guys. Next time I'll share with you what I am doing as far as planning the lunches themselves. I have this week to start my planning as they don't start full days till next week. 

What are some ways you try to make your kids lunches much more fun and nutritious? 
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