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Why yes I still Scrapbook

Don't ask me how long it took to make 20 pages. All I know is the album is full and that made me happy.Then I stopped and thought why did it take me so long to make these pages. Silly me I mean life and everything else how DARE it interfere with me making these pages. 

Although truth be told I have just looked at my supplies and have had the ideas pop in my head but then I say no and go do other things.

Days pass by and oh goodness and before I notice it's been a month. This AM since the baby got up at 6:30 am even though she was up from 2 am till 4 am why you ask no reason. She just sat in bed "talking" yes...I am serious... 

I woke up and finished my last two layouts I had started a while back and this is the last of my twenty I made.

It felt nice to finally fill up this first album. I am trying to work on a layout to start filling up our family album although I want to make another Just Isy focused album since well I have so many pictures that I want to make pages w/stories on them.

When was the last time you created a page? 

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