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11 weeks Left Time to start the Lists

I believe I caused this to come early as I was discussing how it's hard to believe there are only a few weeks to Christmas. Yes I'll let you digest that one.

That just prompted my 7 and 11 year old to say WHAT we have to start working on our lists. I figured I shared so you guys can start your search as to what might also be on your kids list to come too!

My Gabi's (7 years old) List included :

Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset

My girl has more Monster High Dolls then I can count so I guess I had to see this coming. Every gal needs their dream home right?!

Frozen Musical Magic Set

Another expected to be on her list as I have lost count the times we have watched or sang the soundtrack to Frozen. These dolls sing and light up when they hold hands. Hey at least I can take a break from singing along right?

Barbie Dreamhouse Party for Nintendo 3D

This game will let her imagine run as she basically will build a virtual world for Barbie and her friends. I bet I will join in and help her with some decorating as these games are really fun I must admit.

My Isaac's  (11 year old) List :

Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX Tagger -2 pack

When I saw this on his list my jaw hit the floor because I bet there might be another Nerf war going in this house you see my Hubby has one and since these comes with two Nerf that means my two boys and Hubby will be running around the house after each other. Yeah..Good Times.

Lazer Pitch Baseball Pitching Machine

If you visit my blog enough you know we are a baseball family and this is something that I actually can see both boys using. Before we know it, it will be time to get on that field!

iHome iDL46GC Lighting Dock Dual Charging FM Stereo Clock Radio

Isaac received an Ipad mini and this is something I was thinking about as it will actually be not only a speaker for him but an alarm clock so it can help me be a backup for when I go "try" to get them up in the AM. Hey a little music to get you going in the AM is a good thing!

So this is a peek at what's on two of my kids lists. I'll be sharing another list on what my might be on my 16 year olds as well as my Hubby's and my wish lists soon.

Hey Santa are you listening?

Have you started to make lists or even started shopping yet for the Holidays?
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