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Baby Fashion on a Budget

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to say I am BACK with a new laptop thanks to my Hubs so I get to share with you what I wanted to before my laptop decided to go boom!

Now if you visit my blog you know my Isy is a preemie which means that when it comes to clothing she is still not fitting her "age" right now being 15 mth old you would think she would be wearing 18-24 mth sized clothed right? Nope my tiny bean is fitting 9-12 mths and she can even fit comfortably 6 months.

With that being said I sometimes feel like I don't know what to get her and of course who doesn't love dressing up their baby but with me having 3 others to dress as well budget has become my first name right about now.

This is where My Littles Clothesline comes in. They are an online consignment children's store. I am BEYOND over the moon to have been able to find them as they actually don't have any consignment stores near me. This was JUST what I needed. The clothes that they have for sale are very well priced and are of the best quality.

Here is my Isy with some of the outfits I've purchased for my Isy :

I have loved everything we purchased. Another of my favorite things that they have are Bargain Boxes which are"surprise" boxes with 5 items of the size you choice (boy or girl) at $5.00 they are AWESOME.

This is one of the latest boxes Isy got :

This was JUST what Isy needed some pajamas since it's getting chilly. I also love that just as I purchase clothes I am able to send the clothing that doesn't fit Isy.

The only thing is you must make sure anything you do send in have no stains or damaged and in excellent condition. I was so happy to send the clothes Isy outgrew while in the NICU as well as the first few months home. I made a little money that truth be told I'll just spend at the store again!

Now I have some AMAZING news Lauri was wonderful enough to let me give away to one of my readers a $20 Gift Certificate to the store! Also FYI there are sizes for bigger kids there as well so you can get something for your littlest to your not so little too! (getting my 7 year old some stuff this weekend!)

So go ahead enter and good luck. Off to work on some more fun post for the coming week!
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