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Oh Great Pumpkin. Wonderful Traditons

Watching this with my Littles has become a wonderful tradition. I remember being little and while other kids were waiting on a scary movie to come on during the "Halloween" week I was looking for Charlie and the Gang.

 I love Charlie Brown and being able to share the love of what he means with my kids makes it that much more special.
Hearing them giggle and cheer on Linus no matter how many times we have watched it over the years is the best.  Priceless memories.

This year we shall have one more watching. Last year Isy was super tiny. I know she still wouldn't get who these awesome characters are is but I know she will giggle right along w/her siblings when they do...and I can't wait to hear that beautiful sound.

FYI: They will be playing It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on Wednesday on ABC at 8:30 EST

Do you have any traditions you share with your kids that you did when you were little?
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