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5 Christmas Gifts to keep You on Course

Next week we have Thanksgiving which means everything is going to go on hyper drive with the Holiday REALLY upon us and I can't wait to see all the magical moments with my kids and family. In all the craze sometimes mamas (and daddies) forget themselves.

For myself as my birthday gift I decided that I would focus once again on my health and so far so good I've been doing good. Therefore this year my wishlist for Santa is totally different. As I'm hoping to add helping hands if you will.

Now on to this wishlist. Maybe you can add it to your list and get a little push too!

Since one of my favorite exercises is running these are perfect as they are made for woman. They are smaller made to fit our ears and wouldn't fall out which I have a problem with my regular earphones.

2.Nike C72 Legend 2.0

Since I go to the gym I want a bag that will be just for that reason. Right now I have been using a bag that I also use for my regular day and since well it can get yucky and so I have been washing it (it's a jean material) so this way I can just clean this and keep it for when I head to the gym.

3. THIS Shirt!!
I NEED to earn this shirt so seeing it hung up will push me to make it true. I so want to run a race.

4.Subscription to StrideBox

Once a month you receive a small box of goodies picked just for runners. I love this idea. I bet getting this box once a month will keep reminding me I got to get up and get moving!

5. Running Bra

I can not even being to tell you how important it is to have a good running bra. I've "tried" with a regular on yeah worst thing EVER! You feel the difference right away and it allows you to really give it your all and go a little harder.

Alright so tell the truth this little list has made you want to get up and get moving right? I know I do. So tell me what kind of workout is your favorite? 
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