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In the Mist of the Holidays Don't forget to Snap

As this week turns a corner so does the crazy that is the REAL start of the Holidays hustle. It is a world wind of ups and downs and loops of trying to make it a memorable and enjoyable while trying not to make yourself pass out from exhaustion.

Although it is all a blur while it's happening it is fun but I don't know about you but I hardly do remember the little things by the end. Enter my helper who has been helping me relive my memories over the years. My beloved camera.  Yes I am one of those that snap like a mad woman and I don't care if I get the looks where ever I go. YES EVERYWHERE.

My weapons of choice are either my phone Or my Sweet DSLR Canon 7D being able to document these moments for my children and family is something I hope they cherish as much as I do capturing it for them. I actually don't have too many pictures of my brother and I growing up ttherefore I am hoping I can document as much as possible for my children.

I fear that big time to happen with my children so for me documenting the silly simple things these especially during the holidays like helping me make Saturday breakfast, playing in the leaves, thinking of what pies to make for Thanksgiving,deciding what kind of cookies to leave Santa and all the other things in between. 

Once I print my pictures I use sticker labels and put them on the back of them and if I am not going to use them in a scrapbook album or another project I write what it is that I want to be remembered. This way when they do go to look at these images those few notes written will remind them of what we were doing.

I look at my children and think how time has flown by and how busy life is and if I can freeze time with a pictures then a mad woman with a camera I will be. How about you do you take the time to capture not only the Holidays but your everyday.

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