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Let's Talk Thanksgiving Shall We

 Aren't you happy I didn't say Christmas, being every store or even commercials are throwing it in our face. Can we P L E A S E  slow it down just a bit.

That being said what are your plans this year? I personally am really excited for Thanksgiving this year because we will get to go to my Mother in Laws home and gather with family. Where all the kids will run about and the adults will gather and catch up with what's been going on.

The best and most important part when we are finally ready to sit we all say our prayers and mention how thankful we are for the year that is almost about to pass.

After dinner there are some who will venture out to actually shop on Black Friday so we discuss a bit more about what is on the lists. As for my husband,kids and I  usually have to head back early because Hubby has to work and my kids get excited because they know our elf will be back and be there to greet them when they awake.

For us we actually have 2 days of Thanksgiving as on Friday I make a special dinner for us at home.

Last year since Isy was too tiny to go out I used trusty Pinterest to help me with what I made for my family. I plan on going back again and using a few of the recipes again.

So what are you thankful for this year? Do you have any traditions each year?  Of course do you have an elf due to arrive after Thanksgiving?
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