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Our Thankful 30

Have you been playing along with Shutterbag and Courtney so far I've been keeping up. Even with a week where I had to deal with my girls not feeling well, doctor appointments and trying to keep up w/my new workout schedule I can't believe I remembered to take my pictures.

I am glad I did because it was my moment in the day to stop focus and remember why I am thankful.

So here are my first 5 Days :

                                                                          Day 1:

                               Thankful for knitted blankets from my mom to my kids.

Day 2 :

First pigtails
Day 3

Remembering to take care of me.

Day 4 :

Rest finally for a sweet baby girl who isn't feeling well.

Day 5 :

After a few stressful days this treat was SO needed.

That's my week so far and looking forward to the weekend. What are your plans this weekend ? We have a birthday party this weekend and working on a school projects. 

Have a wonderful weekend guys see you Monday! Next week is my birthday week let's see what adventures await.
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