Welcome November - Adventures With Ellie

Welcome November

Wow this past week was jam packed. Even though I was documenting the week for Week in the Life it was extra full.

This past week called for doctor appointments, getting lost even while using a gps that just made us end up my the Mets stadium, tired test taking little boys, updating a look, surprising a little girl at school and of course candy feast aka Halloween. 

I must say I'm happy to see October come to an end. Now comes my favorite month not only because it's my birthday month but because today starts #ourthankful30 which is hosted by Shutterbag and Courtney Slaznik. It's just a little challenge to photography something you are thankful for each day in November.
With the busy in our lives especially with the holidays rushing in on us we sometimes forget to take a moment and reflect as to what we are thankful for no matter how small it might be. It's a wonderful little simple thing to do to remind you how blessed you are no matter all the crazy around you.

November, I'm holding on and let the adventure begin!

What are you looking forward to this month? 

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