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Yolo Dream Treat

As of late I've been working out and watching what I've been eating. Today I wanted to go wild cause after all it is my birthday... but not that I actually will eat this as for that I would have to go to the city but mark my words I will HAVE this,this year...

It all started with a little movie called Serendipity. I LOVE this movie. It's one of my favorite movies that not only I could watch over and over again but makes me love New York that much more. Sigh...

Imagine my delight that THIS scene could actually come true. To be able to visit Serendipity I dream of the day I am able to reenact it with my husband and have one of these famous Frozen Hot Chocolate treats.

With each review I've ever heard or read this IS IT... Oh my mouth waters at the thought. I think I'd giggle with complete delight when I get my chance to sit in front of this and throw down.

What is your dream Yolo (you only live once) Dream Treat?

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