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5 Pinterest Holiday Treat Recipes To Try

My Littles have two weeks before they start their Christmas vacation and before that I need to make sure I send in some treats to the teachers and staff at the school. My goal is to bake 5 new treat recipes for them.

Even though I will send a batch of my Rock Star cookies  as they always look forward to them each year, this year I want to send a few extra goodies as they have always been so supportive with our family.  Last year I wasn't able to send a batch of cookies until after the Holidays since our focus was making sure our baby Isy was doing well.

This is where awesome Pinterest comes in. I love that you just use the search box to find what your looking for and there you have it! AHHH but what to choose, what to choose!

Well these are the 5 I am going to give myself a try :

1.Reindeer Cookies - Could these be any cuter and so easy to make SO making them! I think these will be good to send to the Kindergarten teacher. (None of our kids are in K anymore but she is very dear to our family)

2. Pretzel Treats- Alright you know when you see something and you just say WHY didn't I think of this well these are it! I can't believe HOW easy these are!! I think these would be perfect for my Isaac's 5th grade homeroom class teacher. She loves to always share treats with the class and these would be so cute to share! (I'll use the Holiday M&M's that come in a bag of red/green!)

3.Chocolate Trees- Another one with Pretzels but hey another kid friendly treat and this would be for Gabi's 2nd grade class party. I can see these being done SUPER quick and being able to make individual treats for each of the kids is perfect for them.

4.Fresh Cranberry Oatmeal Bars - These would be perfect for our nurse as she eats healthy and I believe she will love these. I think I will love these myself and will make an extra batch to enjoy as well.

5.Melting Moments- These are the ones I'd love to make for Gabi's 2nd grade teacher they look so yummy and I can see Gabi helping me dip and decorate them a bit more for her teacher.

I really am excited to try all these recipes. Let's see if I can do it. I'll make sure to update here and tell you if they became a Pinterest Fail or Yay later in the month.

What about you, what cookies are you baking this month?
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