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Keep it Up- Project Life

 Today I'm joining my friend Ashley and decided to do a co-blog collaboration. We each will share five tips on how to keep caught up on Project Life. To also encourage you we want to give a lucky reader a little giveaway. Just make sure to enter at the end of my post to enter for a  chance to win.

1. Apps are your Friends.

For me I have found that being so busy I find the easiest ways to keep up with my Project Life is to use these 2 apps which give me no excuse to keep up with my dates and pictures for each day. I use Collect in which I document my pictures daily. There are other apps out there but I love that this gives you different options when you export your pictures for printing. Currently I am using the 3x4 polarid size to document and print.  The other app I use which is for my printing is Printcular which gives many opinions to print your pictures and pick them up at your local Walgreens the same day or mailed to your home.  I like do once a week and then label the envelope with what week it belongs to so it can be easier to come back to when I am ready to document that week.

2. Document something EVERYDAY..Yes I said everyday.

I know you might be saying Ellie are you nuts? No,I'm not but can you honestly tell me you remember what your child said last Wednesday after school? If you do MAN you ROCK! I can't even remember what I was wearing yesterday! What I do is write notes throughout the day on my phone using my note app and write the date on it that way when I go back I have the date and then with the picture I have what to journal about.

3. Use one Core Kit Collection when starting.

For me this was one tip that I used when I first started Project Life and am thinking of doing it again because truth be told it made things so much easier as I just grabbed my core kit and used what was in it.  I know there are SO many beautiful and wonderful Core kits you want them all! I know I do and am so guilty of having more then 6 core kits! To take the stress off in deciding what you will use just have one in front of you which is what I have done currently and have kept one one on my desk.

4. Get the Family involved.

For us my kids and Husband know where I keep my journal cards and pens which are for the family to use. I got a tin at the dollar store and have them on my table. Each time my kids have something they want included they will grab a card and when they are done put it on my table. Remember Project Life is for your family and if everyone gets involved that more special it will be. It doesn't matter how little they might write as long as they do that is amazing. Those are actually some of my personal favorite being able to go back and see their handwriting and words.

5. Relax and just enjoy the Adventure

Project Life is not a race. This is something you should do because you enjoy it. It should make you happy, it should make you thankful and even weepy (but the good kind) when you are doing it right. These are your memories. These are YOUR stories. These are what your children will one day share with their children. I am so thankful that Project Life exists and I can not say enough what it means to be to be able to do this for my family. So if it's causing you stress because you are "missing" pictures,journals or even weeks. DON'T let that stop you just go ahead start documenting THIS week and guess what when you can just go back or don't because what counts is that you continue to document. Remember Project Life is just that. A Project that is your Life... You wouldn't be able to tell it all in one day.

As promised a little encouragement. As my part of the giveaway since I am doing a New Project Life group come this New Year  I'd Love to give a Free Month (4 videos) of the EXCLUSIVE videos that one the members will have access to as well as the Stampin Up Happiness is Project Life Accessory Pack 

Hope you enjoyed this post and this gives you the push you needed to get started or pick up again your documenting your Project Life . Now make sure to enter below for your chance to win. 

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