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Let the Adventures Begin

Hey all, how was your Holiday? Ours were beyond awesome and feeling so blessed. I am so overwhelmed with how much love I am feeling. I see this is going to be one awesome Christmas season indeed.

Today I had something else planned but it got pushed back for later in the week so I thought I'd share the return of our cool Elf Alice.

She returned the day after Thanksgiving so it's been 3 day (4 if you count today) and the Littles are so happy to see her back.

Here are what she has been up to the last few days.

The happy return of our sweet Alice. She came with a little gift for each of the kids to start getting them in the Holiday mood!  They got a giggle out of them.

The next day Alice decided that she should bring out some of our Christmas books out and have a few friends join in a bit of reading. The kids were excited to start to see their Christmas books come out. We love to read them and then share what is our favorite parts of each story.

Yesterday when the kids woke up they found out that Alice thought making some Hot Cocoa would be a good idea and brought the 3 oldest their own new mugs to enjoy it in. I made sure to make mama's special Hot Cocoa before we headed to church for the 1st Sunday of Advent.

Looking forward to adding today's adventure into our December Daily album since can you believe TODAY is the 1st! Let the countdown begin!!!

Here is to a wonderful and blessed Holiday season to all.

How was your weekend? Any fun adventures happened?
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