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Life Around Here

If our countdown snowman is right there are only 16 days left till Christmas. So needless to say it's getting busy around here (as in we are in hyper mode)  On Friday we had to actually ended up the ER because my little Gabi ended up getting a really bad asthma attack. Praise God she is doing better although we have not really had good sleep for the past week since she needs to have treatments throughout the night but last night was the last of it so we are hoping for some much needed full night sleep!

Nevertheless we squeezed some fun in this weekend :

It was so fun to see the Littles dress up the tree. I loved it even more that Isy loved the experience she was actually asleep and woke up and I thought she would go back to sleep but ended up helping too.

  She is LOVING the lights and every time we turn them on she says OHHH WOW! Oh this is going to be one fun Christmas indeed.

Also this past weekend we got to go to Old Westbury Gardens where they dressed up the mansion for the holidays and had a special guest.

We got to see Santa although as you can see Isy didn't care too much for him! ( I did end up getting another picture but her brother was holding her) The grounds of the mansion are magical they had HUGE trees that my oldest just HAD to climb, big windows to views to the gardens and a glass house which was decorated and warm with cookies and warm cider (or apple juice) to enjoy.

It was really a wonderful weekend. It was also my Hubby's birthday which I had to make a cake for:

All in all it was a memorable weekend. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend as we have a very special Saturday as my Gabi will do her 1st Reconciliation as she is preparing for her 1st Communion and I feel so proud of how she is living in her faith and loving to learn the word of our Lord each day more.

Well I am off as we are writing to Santa today and Mama has to figure out what will be for dinner today.  It's rainy,cold and blah out so thinking a nice stew..

What about you? What have you and your family been up to? 
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