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Living in the Afterglow

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Holiday. As for my family we were so blessed and made some very sweet memories. Today I just wanted to just do a little recap of our Christmas.

On Christmas eve the Littles woke up to find our Alice the elf's goodbye letter. We had a blast again having her visit for the Christmas season. I had to giggle at little Isy as she just was wondering if she could keep her, but off to the North Pole Alice went till next year.

We made sure we had cookies for Santa

Then we waited for Christmas morning to arrive...

Then we had to wait so everyone could be ready for some morning fun...

Trying to figure out the unwrapping thing.

That's why it's awesome to have a big sister!

Fun at Mamita's (my mom's) house too

Adventures with our annual family Christmas dinner

Till finally we made it back home!! This picture was taken minutes after entering the door ( I still had my coat on) almost at 9:30 pm they were tired and wanting to rest but they humored mama (well at least 3 out of 4) so I could have my pic of all of them together

Well that's it for now from me. Wishing you a restful weekend as for me I'll be planning my sweet Gabi's fun as next weekend she's turning the big "8" oh where does time fly!

How about you? How did you celebrate the Holidays?

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