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My Wish For you

Today I just want to take the time to post before this week starts as I am I wouldn't be posting until after Christmas as I want to be able to take in as much as I can with my kids as you could say this is our Isy's 2nd 1st Christmas as this year is the first year she will experience what her siblings experience each year. Last year we stayed home as she was too little and being a preemie we have to be extra cautious with her. This year we get to gather with our whole family which I can't wait to enjoy once again.

I also wanted to take a minute and reflect and wish you nothing but beautiful memories and love and

peace as we enter this week. I wish you laughter and may your hearts be full of joy.  I am so thankful for my family. Each day is such a blessing and even with it's crazy turns and spins I am so grateful for it all.

I thank you all as well for taking the time to stop here and peek at what I may be up to and wish that you get a giggle or to or even learn something new that you could use in your daily life.

With that I wish you a very wonderful & Peaceful Season of Love to you and yours.

Now I'll leave you with a favorite of mine from Christmas that always makes me pause and think that this is the real reason for the season.

Hugs & Love to everyone no matter what they celebrate this time of year as long as we bring love to the table that is all that matters truly and means the most.

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