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Planning Goals for 2015

First and foremost I must say THANK YOU to all the wonderful readers who stop by and read my blog,who have been so supportive and have made me work really hard this past year to actually come and put content that not only is entertaining but a

I  don't know about you guys but I felt as if this year just FLEW by. It has been full of experiences and new adventures for me and I look forward to it continuing into the new coming year

So today on the eve of New Years Eve I thought I'd share a bit of things I'd like to work on with the new coming year. I figure if  I posted it I have to do it right!?

1- Run More

Ahhh Running my super surprise love. I still can't get over how much I  LOVE to run. If you would have told my failing gym in HS (yes I was! lol) that I would LOVE to workout and run she's probably would have fallen on the floor laughing. Now it's something I crave and actually makes me so happy to do it. Sadly I can't run at home anymore so I've had to go to the gym and also when then the weather allows but I am working on a schedule so I will be able to squeeze at least 3 runs a week. I'll update as I start up again and let you know how I'm doing.


Give my DSLR even MORE love. This is the year I am going to work on doing a 365 using my DSLR. Although I do photography everyday I usually am guilty of using my phone. I want to use my camera more and slow down. This coming year is going to have many milestones yet again for my children and I can't wait to capture it all. I want to also rent a few lens and experiment and do a few photo walks. Also I am taking Katerina Kennedy's Kickstart your 365 class SO excited to use what I learn as well. 

3- Blog

I must say I actually started this goal mid 2014 and have been happy with my progress and have loved learning so much not only from what I am able to really do here but what I have learned from you guys. I have fun things in store which I look forward to getting started here. Here is to sharing and learning together!

4-  New Recipes

I am LOVING being able to try and share easy and family approved recipes. I am hoping to share more this year as I saw it was something you guys enjoyed! Last year I surprised my kids w/a special Valentine's Day party just for them and shhh I think I'm going to do it again as they loved it so much and this time I'll be sharing a few recipes from what I will making. I actually have a few new favorites I 've tried already tired and will share soon.

I wish you and yours a wonderful and blessed New Year and thank you all once more for all the support.

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