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15 on 15- January Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Wow this week was one full week and I can not say how glad I am for a 3 day weekend as next promises to be full of more activities in my household.

Yesterday was my first go at doing 15 on 15 and I must say it was a bit more challenging then I thought with me even though I do photography something everyday. Yesterday I took a pause at each shot and thought what did I want to really capture from the day.

So here is my first go at my 15 on 15 :  *or more like 12 on 15*

First thing in the AM I had to make a quick stop at my oldest HS. Of course we needed some breakfast and Isy loves her fruit in mesh she manages to get the fruit even with the mesh!

Running about doing errands. Isy LOVES Doc Mcstuffin and yes it can get that intense. I stopped at Micheal's for a few things and picked up a journal for my Gabi. She has started to grow a love of writing and journaling and I am so happy to help that along.

After all the running about it had to be nap time for these two. I giggle because they are two birds of a feather and it just the most beautiful thing to see to me. It was so crazy I didn't get a chance to get anything ready before the kids got home so I just picked up some cupcakes. It's been a LONG semi stressful week for the kids so this was my cheer up goodies for them.

 I wasn't  the only one looking for some lunch! That's our Sonic & George (Guinea Pigs) Me Oh DQ hit the spot!

After school means relaxing until it's time to get down to homework and well chewing on stuffed animals.

Yeah Teen life. Cell phone is essential to his living. I remembered to snap dinner. The kids had yellow rice but me I had me a salad with some of the meat I had made. SO good.

That was my day in a nutshell. I challenged myself also buy just doing black and white. I really had fun and saw the next 15th is the day after Valentine's day which I believe will be really fun to shoot as I'll be shoot lots the day before as I am planning something for the kids.

So did you give 15 on 15 a try? If you did please leave me a link so I can see what you captured.
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