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Bucket list at a Grasp - January Edition

So here we are already into the first week of the year in January and everyone is full of resolutions and wanting to change this and that for the new year. This year Nope none of that for me. It's my last year in my 30's GASP.... So I figured instead I'd do a bucket list a month that way it would be easier to accomplish (or so I think)

 Not to stress myself I sat down and thought of 3 things I'd love to cross off my bucket list and that were able to obtain this month

1- Take the Littles to the Children's Museum

Sad to say we only have gone once to the children's museum I know INSANE right, so this month I want to take the littles for a little fun. This will be the baby's first time and I can already see she will love the bubble area (or many not?) and being able to explore. I know I better wear very comfy clothes and sneaker because my Isy is gonna want to get into everything but that is OK with me as long as she and her siblings have fun.

2. Photograph at Grand Central Station

Many moons ago when I was attending business school I always had to cross through Grand Central Station and I'd always be in ahh of it's magic it holds but was in such a hurry I'd never really enjoy it. I did go and photograph once with my brother but again it was our last leg of our fun day so I don't think I captured as I wanted to. So my goal is to head down there and just photograph and find different views that would otherwise go unnoticed. I can't wait and as a reward I'll go down the street and get me some cupcakes!

3. Manicure and Pedicure

Oh this REALLY is a bucket list wish because I don't remember being able to enjoy a full day of getting pamperd. I really want to get the special they have where they have a special treatment for the pedicure Oh that would be heaven but shall see if it will be possible as that budget crunching continues into this month.

So here is to crossing off bucket list wishes. I'm already working on next months list and it will involve the kids since we get Winter Recess YAY!

How about you do you have a bucket list for the year you want to work on?


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