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Challenge Accepted : 31 Days to Clean

One of my goals for this year is to read the bible in a year so far so good and I am loving what I am learning as I am following along with the Bible In a Year App which not only gives you what to read but also a lesson. I am taking into consideration as well that my #OLW is Exhale which as I had stated in another post I seem to forget how and get flustered when I am doing things be it for the kids,house or for myself I just want to get it all done which really can't happen since I do have other things happening always at the same time and then nothing seems to get done.

I had prayed and have been thinking how in the world am I suppose to get it all done?  I mean I have to manage it or just throw my hands in the air and just keep going as I am.

Then I see an email from Sarahmae and I seriously stopped and said hmm really you gonna help me in 31 days REALLY have you see my house of 4 kids and Husband and myself it is CRAZY at times.
 Especially this weekend since I've been sick and wasn't able to do anything. I got up to get some water and ran back into my room this AM.

Then I heard a voice that said Ellie open the email go ahead. I've learned that you REALLY do have to stop and listen to that voice because many of times it's saved me more then I can say. So I always say OK Lord your talking to me really OK I'll stop being stubborn and saying I got this and I have no time to listen right now...

So here I am accepting the challenge:

If you know the story of Mary and Martha it really can hit home to most moms be it a SAHM or a Working outside the home mom. We experience both at time but really let the "Martha" us take over and want to get all things done and don't remember to focus on the most important.

I know I live more Martha then Mary but I hope doing this challenge will help me focus on being more like Mary and do smaller but more meaningful things when it comes to putting order in my house.

I am excited to get started and come on who doesn't have 99 cents to purchase this. You don't have to start tomorrow you can start whenever just purchase it. I plan to start tomorrow although I did go ahead and did a pre day one because as I said my house was WAY crazy from the weekend of me being sick and not being to keep order.

I really hope doing this Challenge will set in motion a new way of doing things here so I don't have to post on my entries saying it's been SO crazy around her but share how things have been running and what we have learned as I do this for my family.

This really spoke to me and made me pause and want to take time to reflect. Here is to the next 31 days. Will you be joining in?

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