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Happy 2015!!

I remember when I was little thinking about wow the year 2000 how crazy is that never even thinking far enough to 2015 which is blowing my mind right now! Seriously where are our flying cars or at least a "Rosie" ( you know from the cartoons-The Jetsons)  cause she would be SO helpful right now.

From my family to yours I am sending you the best wishes and look forward to sharing my adventures this year. Thar reminds me do you have a little word for the year ? My word is :

I choose this because with all the busy of what goes on around my busy life it seems I forget to really exhale. It seems I just end up hyperventilating and not stopping to actually truly exhale and just let it be and go. .   This will be a lesson I know I will have to work on that each day because truth be told I am always thinking 5 things at a time. 

Last year all I could think about was how fast time was flying, this year I need to focus on how fast is flying but remember to exhale and live and enjoy what is around me. 

To truly remember no matter what I can't have control over it all, and that asking for help is a good thing ( I can see Hubby giving the eyebrow on that one as he is ALWAYS telling me this) that no matter how hard I want to take on yet something else on I need to stop and exhale and say no. GASP ... See there I go I mean E X H A L E 

Do you have a Little Word for 2015?
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