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Real life right Now

I have a to do list longer then I could even begin to tell you. My oldest daughter is home because of dental surgery she had and so is my youngest son as it was a short school day.  Hurrying to figure their lunch which ended up being simple Ramen noodles instead of the meal I had wanted to make for them.

Texts to my husband wondering what am I going to make for dinner as we haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping. Having a donut & diet coke for lunch. Videos that need to be recorded but paused more times then what has been captured. Original posts that were suppose to go up in min prep due to lack of content.

My kitchen looking like it exploded and making me want to cry. Still in my pajamas and not planning in changing. Trash bags I have to pull out so the boys can take it out but stuck watching cartoons with the kids.

Typing this on my iPad because I have someone who has been stuck to me like glue these past weeks 

Guess there is tomorrow to try again right? Now where is that box of donuts. 

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