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Taking the Challenge of 15 on 15 for 2015

So are you asking the question of hmm what's up with all them 15's Ellie. Well glad you are wondering because it's a little challenge I want to do.

Each year I see amazing gals sharing you could say their take of "Day in the Life "with doing a certain amount of pictures a day each month and although I have tried it before seems I always fall flat on doing it,but this is my year to do it. I mean if the year and date aren't screaming at me to try again I don't know what will.

So on January 15th it will be my 1st of the monthly series. Do you want to join me? I know many of you are also doing 365 (or trying to? ) I am as well. What I have said to myself is DO NOT STRESS. These projects are for YOU. There is NO need to post anywhere these are for you. To be able to document your days is what is the most important.

 I must say it's been nice to pick up my DSLR and capture us so far this year.

To me outtakes are the best! I love to take "test" pics" to get the sillies out before we do a more posed picture. This was one of them. Best thing ever is having a wireless remote for my camera so we can ALL get in the silliness.

Capturing firsts like Isy walking in the snow and the reactions of her siblings is a double bonus.

Capturing the magic of birthdays.

I know it will be a challenge for me to keep it to only 15 pictures because it seems when I grab my DSLR I just want to keep snapping but I am up for the challenge.

How about you will you join me? See you on the 15th!

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