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When Germs Attack

It seems that 2015 wants to be the year of the germs at least that's what it is in my house right now. Everyone in my house (expect my youngest son knock on wood) is sick some way or another.

The worst is that baby has gotten the  flu even with her getting the flu shot. We had to run w/her to the ER with a fever of 103.5 with it being the first fever she has They tested her and sure enough she tested positive for the flu.

So it's this for the next 5 days :

And eating:

Watching :

So excuse my lack of posts for a bit but I'll be posting here and there on Instagram or my Facebook Page

If you could send some get better quick vibes our way cause these germs have truly overstayed their visit. Now to bunker down as NY is suppose to be getting the biggest blizzard it has experienced in it's history yup just what we all wanted to hear.

Is it Spring yet?
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