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Huggable Love from NakiaK Handmade -Giveaway

Today I am SO,SO excited to share one of the most fun giveaway that's I've done. More because it's close to my heart.

For me handmade equals love and these beautiful lovely dolls are SO that. I've had the pleasure of getting to know the owner of Nakiak Handmade and she is the sweetest. As a SAHM who makes these with so much love while watching her children hits my heart as I do the same.

The love and attention to detail are amazing. That's why I've already purchased 3 of her beautiful creations for my girls. I love that they will have them to years to come and they are original and created with them in mind.

Here is Isy when she first received her bunny which I got for her last Easter :

Can you see how sweet the bunny is. I love the attention to detail. The stitched face is so sweet and the skirt (although I took it off because Isy would pull it off all the time Ha) I love that I have seen her grow into her bunny!

Nakia also makes personalized dolls at request. I of course had to get two dolls for my girls. Each one is personalized just for my girls. They LOVE them :

Here is Gabi's dollie close up :

She was personalized just for my Gabi and she is SO loved.  Nakia gave such attention to detail to ensure that both dolls fit my girls and they are PERFECT!

This is Isy with her dollie. She just loves it so much and that is priceless to me.

Here are the dolls together. Aren't the most sweetest!

I even sent a super special request to see if it would be possible. As most of you know I have an angel daughter who passed away to SIDS almost 9 years ago and to help my boys. I decided to have bears made with some of our Anjie's pj's and so the boys each have one. Once Gabi was born Gabi  I gave her my bear so she would also have her own personal Anjie bear. Those bears are very special to the kids.

So now that we have Isy I thought she needed her own Anjie bear as well. The person who originally had made the bears wasn't available anymore. So I said since I loved Nakia and how much love she puts into creating each of her dolls I wanted to see if she would take on the making of an Anjie bear and she did.

I must say that I got teary eyed to see the finished product. It is SO beautiful and now our Isy has her own Anjie bear like her siblings. She is very much loved.

This was the first of many naps since she has arrived :

 So NOW are you in love with these beautiful dolls? How about a giveaway?! Nakia has been SO generous to have agreed to do a giveaway to one of you to choice a doll for your little one AHHHHHH.. I am WAY too excited for you guys.

She already have been posted peeks on this year's bunny and I already told her my Isy needs one so I need to start buttering hubby up cause we have to order one.

One of you will be lucky enough to get one!! Just enter below and good luck!!

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