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Winner,Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!

First off I'm SO happy that so many of you LOVED my last giveaway because as I said handmade is best and for my kiddies most cherished! Congrats to my winner Vanessa! Hopefully your little one loves their bunny as much as my Isy does!

Nakia has been so amazing that she wants everyone to get a chance at a lovey for their little ones and is offering 15% off their orders through March 9th!! Just use the code :  ELLIEADVENTURES, 

HOW awesome is she!?!?! I KNOW!!!

So now that the weekend is upon us what do you have in store? I have a project to finish up with my Gabi which is making us both CRAZY... I keep thinking but she's in 2nd grade! Let's just say mama has been taking deep breathes Ha, Also tonight my Isaac was chosen as one of the children to read during the Stations of the Cross. I love that during this Lent the kids are wanting to devote more to their faith and growing and learning and it is so beautiful to see.

Oh we FINALLLLLY are going to watch  Big Hero 6! I just rented it and can't wait to tell the Littles!! We did want to see it in the movies but with our crazy everything going on we missed the window but thank goodness nowadays movies are available pretty fast to view at home.

Last but not least Sunday it will be my 13th wedding anniversary. No plans probably brunch after church maybe I don't know.. Low key for sure cause well love my Hubby but he's not big on planning Ha... OH but Once upon a Time comes back too!!! The Littles and I are SO excited about it,we were thinking it was never going to come back!!

Enough of my rambling for now but before I forget Monday I'll have another fun giveaway to share that your kiddies will love if they enjoy Peppa Pig!

That's all from me,what are you up to this weekend?

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