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Yeah So about This Post Real Life Happened

It was suppose to be something totally different really. It was actually a share on some scrapbook pages I had created then this happened:

-The Littles came home after a half day of school.
-Started to contemplate what was my lunch going to be after serving the kids yummy pizza. I ended up with a salad. Wasn't bad but it wasn't pizza.
-Texted Hubby to see what dinner should be. It's gonna be a Mac & Cheese w/ Roasted Chicken kind of day. I think I'll make some veggies too.
-Did my Yoga. This was big ya'll as I haven't done ANY kind of activities for myself in almost a month because of everyone including myself being sick.
-Watched Book of Life with the Littles finally. Had rented it  but we hadn't a chance to watch it for 2 weeks now. The kids and I loved it. Really sweet. Ahhh real love conquers all.
-Working on my Stampin Up group ideas. I'd love to see some more gals join the fun. We shall see what happens. I really love sharing Project Life and that's the only reason I became a demo once again.
- Picked up on the cleaning I had started yesterday. Why is it the more you clean the less it seems you did anything? Or is that only in my house?
-Looking at new recipes. I rejoined Weight Watchers These extra pounds need to go ASAP I know what I have to do and just need to get on it. Weight Watchers has always been something that has helped me. I lost almost 60 pounds (before Isy being born)  and it's time to lose those evil last 20.
-Working on a couple of blog campaigns.Rethinking what  I'm going to share. Hopefully what I do will help other mamas out there as well.
-Looking at the weather and seeing we are getting more snow. I am SO done. I have TOTAL cabin fever. I haven't stepped outside since Saturday when I ended up in the ER. So yeah. NO fun and I'm about to lose my mind. I can't go out w/the baby because well it's too cold and driving a stroller in all this blah yucky mess isn't happening. Hoping tomorrow I'll be able to get some outside time as Hubby is home.

So on that note I'll end my dose of real life for the day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll share those pages I created. Hope is the key word here.

What about you? What are you up to...

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