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Transformation Monday

Hello peeps! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today I thought I'd share something I've been working on which actually started ( well the thought of it) back in November when I turned 39. I figured it was time to start putting focus on me again but it went on the back burner till January 1st which was when I weighed myself and it said 149 and I thought that can NOT be right.

Guess what it was most def right because I had gone to get my annual physical and that's the facts I got given. At my 5'2 that 149 looks more like 160 because I have a small frame it does NOT go to "nice places" if you can call it that.

So that is when I thought of myself and why I wanted to be. Healthy not just for myself but for my family.

So my working on me started:

Not bad see what a difference 10 pounds look on me!  I must admit my journey has been slow but I think it's actually good because I am learning so much more and love that I still am enjoying food. I am a foodie at heart and I need my yummy food. 

So this will be just something for to document and when I feel like I'm tired and just am wanting to give up I will have this to look back at. 

I'm also doing T25 and today I start Week 5! I must admit that last week it was like swallowing nails because I got to that stage where I was saying OK can this be OVER now..but I keep going because it's ONLY 25 minutes. Come on admit it, you could sit and be on the computer just looking at mindless things LONGER then 25 minutes so to give yourself 25 minutes to a healthier you well I think it's worth it. So that's what I keep saying.

 Next week I move on to the next level so I just need to get it DONE and see my hard work in action speaking of which.....

Also I'm part of an AWESOME group where we support each other put together by Jonathan Li  he totally motivates everyone in the group and I really need that little extra push and he checks in with us to see how we are doing. No hussle no oh you have to get this do this NOPE just encourgement and WHO doesn't need that! He actually already sent me a message saying Time to kick Week 5's bum and YUP I'm on it Jonathon!!!

Oh this week we are having a water challenge because how much water do you REALLY drink? I'm proud to say I actually have been drinking more water then I've ever drank BUT this week we are having a challenge and we have a daily check in to see how we are doing. I love it! I'm challenging myself to drink 75 oz a day. YUP.. you read right... but it's only 3 of my water bottles for the day so I GOT THIS!!!! ( if you want to join just let me know and I'll add you on FB for the challenge. You set your own goal and we cheer you on.)

So if you need some get your motivation and would LOVE to give T25 or any of the other Beach Body programs out I'd recommend Jonathon (no he isn't paying me to say so or anything LOL....) and I'd love to see some you join the group!!

Monday's is my weigh in at WW and today I saw this....

Yes... Let's rock this Monday shall we... But before I do I also wanted to mention look for a new Project Life video YES FINALLY! Also on Wednesdays I'm going to try to share a new recipe that my family is loving as of late and healthy for you!

Well that's enough of my rambling. What have you been up to as of late?
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