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What's in Your Camera

So confession I actually had forgotten to upload the snaps I had captured with my DSLR. I actually hadn't really even picked up my sweet DSLR to capture anything, as I must admit I was getting the Winter blues because it seemed the only thing I would be able to capture was just the freezing blah weather or my sweet Isy bean playing.

You know what after downloading my pictures I saw they tell a store about this past Winter and I will cherish them as they tell  a story :

The start of our day while having a snow day looked like this :

A hot latte for mama and some game play for the kids

Outside looked like this :

Snow and more snow. The kids & I thought it would NEVER end.

Meanwhile in baby world :

Mickey and the other toys ruled that kingdom and mama was fine with that.

So the rest of the days we spent trying to get through it with whatever came our way and just waited for it to all finally start to melt.

with that our story of waiting was told by my camera. I am looking forward to capturing much more now that the sun is staying a little longer to play and warm weather should be following soon.

Do you have some forgotten treasures in your camera?

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