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Will Be Back After These Messages

Where do I start?! SO much going on and I'll share what I've been up to soon. (It's about getting back to a healthy me)

I also have a giveaway that will be up by the end of this week (I hope)
My Stampin Up Project Life group is no more. So I'm back to doing PL with whatever products I have and will share soon what I've been up to.

I've actually trying to remember my #OLW- Exhale although as of late it felt as if I was just hyperventilating so I need to remember me and how I don't have control of it all. God is in control and I need to exhale because if I actually stand in the quiet my answers from him are right there. So I've been trying to get into my quiet space daily and give me ME time and not just Mom & Wife but to remember there is Ellie as well.

OK even of my rambling as I have dinner cooking and I don't think the family will enjoy burnt beef and rice!

Who's tired of Snow.. MEEEEEE I am SO done. Spring needs to SO hurry up..As I type it's snowing yet AGAIN...sigh.. my Littles are kind of happy about it and wishing for a 2 hour delay for tomorrow because they have a half day so they would only  go to school for an 2 hours if they do ha...

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