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A Girl's got to Eat!

Since I'm still working on a Project Life video I want to share with you guys. I thought I'd share a  few favorite thing I've been enjoying while getting my healthy on, cause I don't know about you I love my food!

For Breakfast:

Eggs White ( zero points )
Sandwich Thins (usually 3 pts) *they have different kinds my favs are either wheat or honey wheat
COFFEEEEEE! I usually get a Dunkin Donuts - Large / Iced Carmel Latte (4 pts)
Banana (zero points)
Strawberries (zero points)
Oatmeal- Quaker - Banana Nut or  Maple Brown Sugar (6 pts)
Laughing Cow (1pt)
Kellogg's breakfast sandwiches (4pts)

Lunch Favorites 

-Trader Joe Hummus -Tomato & Basil (1oz -1 pt)
-Progresso Soups (the light ones) (1 -2 pts for a cup usually the whole can)
-Trader Joe Social Crackers (8 for 3 pts)
Tuna -in water ( 2 pts for a can)
-Salad - mix of Spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes (zero pts)
-Trader Joe Personal sized Pizza (6 pts)
-HealthyOnes Turkey (6 slices -1 pts)
-Trader Joe Organic Low calorie Cheese sticks (1 pt)

Dinner Favorites

Talipa (3oz 3 pts )
Sweet Potato (3pts) I bake the whole potato, or cut it up and make fries I LOOOOVE it!
Broccoli (zero pts) I either bake or broil
Veggie mix with Asian seasoning ( found in freezer section) ( 2 pts for a yummy cup)  
Baked chicken breast 4 ounces (4pt)


PopChips BBQ flavor (13 chips for 2pts) trust me that's more then enough
Thin mints ( yup you read right!) 1pt a cookie!!! Test that will power
Sugar free chocolate pudding 1pt
weight watchers mint chocolate bars 2 pts ( with this ill chug down 20 oz of water!) 
trader Joe honey wheat pretzels sticks (5) 1pt

There you have a few of my favs of course I'm such a foodie I could write a book but for now sharing these. Next week I'll share recipes I love.

Before going I'd love to share this picture cause it's true a picture is louder then words sometimes:

Yup it's true hard work pays off. A month of working hard and focusing is feeling awesome. Evèn if you have 10 minutes move!  DO some running in place, squats or sit ups. Just get active! 

This is my T25,blogilites and weight watchers routine results so far SO excited to see more transformation happening.

How about you? What's your favorite way to be active? 
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