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So it seems true that Gaining is Better then Losing

When it comes to getting healthy that is. This week as I went to weigh in there it stared back....+1 SAY WHAT... hold on this HAS to be wrong let me get off this scale and do it again. NOPE Ellie you gained this week...BUT HOW can this be? I've been working off my bum and eating better then I ever have in my life.... AHHHH welcome to the your body is turning fat into muscle world...SAY what now OH so you mean in order to be proud of these little baby arm muscles that are starting to peek I have to gain. WHAT in the world?

Although in the world of Weight Watchers that's not good you get the little message of Oh you've gained this week it's OK try again next week. Guess what this is when it gets real and you have to actually be PROUD of that gained pound IF as I said you are eating correct and working out that means progress.

I love weight watchers I tell you so much but I am loving that I am getting stronger as I can see my body changing, yet it kind of made me a bit sad to see that message.

I actually had posted about this on my Support Workout group and OH man I cracked up as I read that I am not the only one who thinks the scale is evil. What I was able to reflect is that what can stop me is me giving up. As long as I put my true all into what I am doing no matter what then that's success in it's self.

I have to remember the small wins. Like going down from 10-12 to 6-8, from Size L to Size Small. To being able to hit 5K on my Fitbit almost daily and if not just about or speeding way beyond my daily goal. To watching my kids want to run or even try out some of the things I'm doing during my workouts and my Husband joining me in doing T25.

So as I step back and really see what I am achieving I shall take a deep breath and remember that Success Stops when I do.

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