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 First off PEOPLE I am 1.5 pounds from my goal I signed up to lose... O M GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG But in reality I think 5 more after that will be it for real as I see and then I'll enter my "maintenance stage" yup kind of a car we need to keep it in check so it can keep doing it's thing.

I actually am loving my journey and meeting some amazing gals who are in the same and it's so fun to cheer each other on. Speaking of which I decided to create a separate instagram account to focus on my healthy journey. You can find me at : @healthyadventureswellie if you would like to follow me on what I'm doing.

So as I have been learning and changing myself life itself has anything but changed but just moving super fast. This is when life gets hectic that if you are trying to change your eating habits and getting workouts in you just say Oh forget this I need every last minute I can and I have to just grab whatever I can to eat and I'll workout if I get a chance.

That is what I have found that I needed to really focus and so I decided to make this circle graph as to what I am doing right now. 

My goal is to change that 10% doubt that still keeps nudging at me especially on the weekends when we have both Littles playing baseball and we are running about after before and just trying to get things done to get ready for the new week. This is when I think Oh I'll just grab a cheeseburger from the food stands at the games and I don't have to workout since we are doing so much running around.  Slowly but surely I am learning that I can change that I can eat right at the ballpark by bringing my own food or getting something before getting there. Making sure I have my water and actually saying NO when asked do you want anything from there. As for my workouts I make sure I take my running stroller as there is a running track around the park and so as I am watching the kids I walk/run the tracks.
I've learned if you want it badly enough you CAN make it happen. As I have been learning that Hard Work DOES pay off!

I wanted to be able to document this to make sure I can come back to it and see how I've changed in a couple of months.

What are some things you are doing for yourself today? No matter what it can be just make sure to do something that makes you happy that makes you keep pushing. What are some goals you have that you are working towards?
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