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Free (and nearly free) Summer Fun For Your Kids

Can you believe it, June is HERE! Weren't we just chatting how it was the 1st week of school and now we are just a few weeks away from the end of the year. I know My kids are way too excited as I am for our Summer adventures to finally to start. I always make sure that I start early to start planning and being I have 4 kids and a limited budget I always look for fun things  wouldn't be too much or even better free!

 Today I'll be share 4 things that we love to do each year and are budget friendly! 

1- Barnes and Nobles Free Summer Program - For every 8 books your child reads and book report they fill out they get to pick out a book for Free from the selected journal list they will have available at the store.This is an awesome program as each year my kids receive as Summer "homework" where they have a certain amount of books that they are to read.This helps them be encouraged to read and get to pick a free book to enjoy. We also join the library Summer program as they also get a prize after reading a certain amount of books. I suggest you look into what programs your local library might have as well for your kids.

2- Free Summer Movies- For this one I suggest you look it up for the state you live in as many movie theaters offer free special movies during a certain time of the week during the Summer. The link I have is the one  available for my kids. This is a fun way to spend a few hours in the cool (FREE air conditioner) on a hot day! Since the movies are usually pretty early I make sure to make a good breakfast that we can eat on the go (check my easy breakfast post for some ideas) and then go on to enjoy some good eats which leads me to the next deal.

3. is an awesome site that you can put your zip and find out where your kids will eat free! Sure the parents have to pay for the meal but I'd rather it be half what we would usually spend then the whole price! One of our favorites is IHOP where the kids can get their meals they love. We usually like that we can enjoy breakfast for dinner!

4. Free Bowling- This was one of the first free programs that I signed up a few years ago that back then my boys were the only ones that I had signed up until Gabi was old enough to join along the fun. For me this is one that is a MUST. You sign up and your child will get 2 free games (you have to rent the shoes) which actually can take almost a few hours especially when it's 3 kids playing! Which I LOVE because they are having a blast and actually getting a good workout and enjoying each others company which is priceless to me. Usually after we are done we head for some lunch which is usually pizza where they have a deal for kids as well. *always keep an eye out for deals that can be used with any other deal you are using to stretch your dollar for the day.*

I hope these give you a head start in thinking and planning for your Summer fun! I'll be sharing soon our list for our Summer Bucket List. Have you started making lists yet? What are some favorite things you enjoy with your kids?
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