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Word{less} Wednesday

It's been a while since I did one of these:

The look on his face is all something I love to see on my kids when they are playing the game. This past weekend was one of the last games of the season. Playoff. Although his team didn't get as many wins as would have liked they played like champions. No matter the loses they had they played each with more heart then the last. Watching him and his teammates always made me so happy and so proud. 

The game before this last one was the most epic game they played all season. Everyone was so impressed and loved how they came together to play and win. Which meant they could carry on to the next playoff game. 

Sunday's game was against one of the best teams of the league. They sure gave them a run for their money. This image I captured was my boy at 2nd base ready to go and take 3rd.

This is what #FORTHELOVEOFTHEGAME is all about. Focused and giving his all just as his teammates were. I thought about how this is how we have to go after what we love for as well. Set those goals and go head on into it. 

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