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10 Healthy Tips to Share With Your Kids

New week and into a new month so I thought I'd share what I've learned so far through my journey that really has been so helpful in getting me to the place I am now. What makes me even happier is my kids have learned a few things here and there and have been getting healthier right along with me!

1. This first one I really truly believe has helped control what I am putting into my body. Take time once a week to plan out and shop for meals and snacks so you're prepared whenever hunger strikes. Also plan an outside meal because especially during the Summer time we know we will eat out so have a "base" meal in your head so you can stay on track. Get your kids input when planning meals and even help them prep the meals. My kids love the meals that much more because they feel they helped put it on the table for us.

2. Keep cut-up fruits and veggies in the fridge to grab for snacks or easy meals. This is a great way to get your daily amount in. I make sure to chop up enough so the kids have access to it as well and they wouldn't hear NO but YES to get a snack and they love that!

3.Water. Drink it UP! This is one that I've had to learn to actually keep up with. It's so easy to grab a soft drink or juice and think well I'm thirsty but if you really are you should really drink water. I like to add strawberries and lemon to my water because truth water can be bland so this really helps. Also getting a cool bottle really gets me to drink my water. This is something I did with my kids I got water bottles my kids like and they love that they can refill it and drink it up.

4.Swap your Pasta for Homemade Veggie Pasta. This is one my kids gave me the MOM what are you doing look. One thing we do here is you must try at least once before you say no I don't like this. Hubby got me one of those spiral cutters and I've used to to make zucchini noodles which I've gotten giggles out of the littles as I let them turn the knob to get the noodles. WARNING the blade is VERY sharp so make sure you don't let your kids do it alone. I also have done carrots. We also like to put a spaghetti squash in the oven and once it's done I let my kids help to get the "spaghetti" out. Another one that brings on the giggles.

5. Have a running race. Yup yes Race. Kids LOVE games and what better then getting your workout and fun at the same time. My kids and I love to take walks. We try to walk were we can. What I do is let them run to a certain point (be it a fence, a street post, corner) and they love it. I run right along with them with the baby in the running stroller. It's an awesome way to get your workout in and create memories. Don't run well do a walking I spy game. Another form of exercise as you walk and explore.

6. DO NOT Skip Breakfast! Need ideas check out my ideas my kids and I love HERE this will ensure you get that meal in and be full  and full of energy to start your day of adventures!

7.Make house work your workout. Well at least in my house THIS is totally possible. 4 kids worth of stuff makes for interesting obstacle courses. If you don't have the "fun" like me. Just set the timer and give your kids a chore and you as well and see how much you can get done in that time. Hidden CARDIO baby! Shhhh just don't tell them what your doing and not only will you and your kids have gotten a bit of exercise in you will get a neat house!

8. Relax. I know WHAT? Actually this is one I still have to really get the grasp of. You need down time which is very important for one's well being. To actually stop and enjoy quiet time with no running about activities helps your body and your kids actually gain more energy and be able to get ready for when you really need to get up and be active again. For us this means getting our reading time in or watching a movie together or doing crafts together. Down time is something not to take for granted.

9.Snap a Pic! I bet your wondering what does this have to do w/being healthy. Well LOTS. When I started my journey pictures of myself well were hard to come about and if they were I would have my kids as my "cover" not to show "me" but now I try to just take a pic and make sure to include my babies in the them. This is a way to keep track of your journey and how far you've come. I sometimes look at some pics of me and before and go wow I did that? Having your kids in your pics you can see how big they are getting and how time flies when your having fun. *Bonus pics for your scrapbook pages too!

10. Keep it fun. This is NOT a race to see how fast you can become "skinny" I don't even like that word. That is actually a negative word to us. We like STRONG and Healthy. Remember you are setting habits for your kids. I see my kids making smarter choices and thinking before they ask for something and then ask for smarter choices that will help them get stronger and healthier as they grow. If anything this journey has taught me that it really is something that should include the whole family and that is me already winning right there!

Hope these tips I've learned help you and you might incorporate a few into your daily living! Do you have any tips that you do that your kids have adopted to?
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