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8 is Great!

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My Gabi is a girl after my own heart. When it comes to shopping oh she is all in. She is a true girlie girl and when I told her we were going to go shopping just for her at one of our favorite places to shop I'm pretty sure our neighbors heard her squeals! 

We got to go shopping at Carter's. I always have stated my love for the store as it is one I trust for quality and amazing value.  I have shopped for all 4 of my kids there. I loved it even more because it was the only place I was able to find clothing for our Isabel when she was in the NICU  as she was our tiny preemie born at 27 weeks and I've been able continue to dress her with the cute outfits as she has grown. 

I just found out that the new styles that will become available will go up to size eight which is so exciting and making it even more fun to shop at Carter's! 

Knowing I can shop for both my girls at a place where I'll get cute,comfortable and affordable clothing is a bonus for this mom! (and you!)

 Today I am going to share the fun I had w/my awesome 8 year old girlie. We headed out to our local Carter's location. 

I was so excited to see that there was an awesome sale going on, because you know a sale means more clothes to squeal over! My girl was way top happy to carry her bag home and almost didn't let me take a picture as she was in a hurry to try everything out!

 They are currently running the following awesome sale:

Bright Now Sale (40% off Entire Store) 7/14 – 8/4
It is the perfect time to stock up on new fall arrivals which is a wonderful thing to do now and grab some awesome deals because before we know it the chilly weather will be upon us!

  We also saw some $5 and up doorbusters like $5 baby short sleeve tees & shorts, $6 toddler/big) of course mama had to look at the sales for her other baby girl. They also had  $6 Pants, $6 Leggings $6 Slogans & $12 Hoodies (Entire Event) Which totally made me and my girlie squeal as we have a thing for leggings and tees.

Are you curious to see what we got ?! Well let us show you!  

I let Gabi pick out what she wanted so this is ALL her. She loved the cute and colorful tees they had and since she IS "Totally Awesome" of course she had to pick up this tee which she paired up with a modern and sassy pair of leggings which had a leopard print on them.

She loved this outfit so much and told me it  felt super comfy and it was all about fun. She had to jump for joy to prove it to me!

Then she picked out what I must say was my most FAVORITE of her outfits that we purchased. I so wish they had this in my size. She picked it because of the flowers and navy color and I agreed it was just perfect for her.

. Do you not LOVE this! OH I could not even stop saying how beautiful my girl looked! It is just so fresh and happy isn't it? 

She then decided to pick up some pajamas because she told me these would be perfect for when  she gets home from school to get back into comfy pjs  is a must to get homework done Ha!  

 I must say Carter PJ's are the BEST. They even look like outfits..and hmm shhhh truth be told my girls have gone out to quick supermarket trips in them and nobody have been the wiser.

 Well the ones she picked out might give her away but never the less they were super soft and I thought man why can't these be in my size yet again. I'm pretty sure these helped get sweeter dreams.

I personally have been getting the girls their Christmas pajamas the past two years at Carter's so they can match and can't wait again to do it this year. Here are a few links to help you keep up to date with what Carters has in store for your kids. You'll be happy you did!

Carter’s Website: http://www.carters.com/  

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cartersbabykids/

Now guess what I have a coupon to share with all of you.  Make sure you use it and enjoy!  If you do go shopping I'd love to hear what you pick up.

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