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Chocolate Waffles

Hey all today I'm starting a new share that I'll be doing weekly. It's going to be part of sharing something that has been helping me with my healthy journey. I figured if I share what I have been doing maybe it could help someone else too. I love the community I've gotten to know and what I've learned so this is my way of passing it forward.

For my first share I thought I'd share a breakfast recipe that I came up with this past weekend as I was craving something chocolatey and well being I'm doing Weight Watchers it's all about working my points that made me even more excited that this is just #WW3pts so here we go!

Ingredients :

 - 1/2 cup Chocolate Cake Mix 
- 1/3 cup pancake mix
- 2 egg using the egg whites only
-1 tsp of vanilla
 -1/2 cup of almond milk
-1/2 cup of strawberries and bananas
-fat free whipped cream
(you'll need a waffle maker as well to make those waffles!)


Warm up your waffle maker. I like to use a butter spray to get the waffle maker nice and hot. First mix your dry ingredients then add the wet ingredients and make sure everything is incorporated.

Now get some mix on your waffle mix. For me I've found that filling my waffle maker it takes a 1/3 cup of mix.

Once your waffles are done add your strawberries and Whipped cream and enjoy!

If you make these I'd love to hear what you think! 
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