Let there be Cake! - Not so Wordless Wednesday - Adventures With Ellie

Let there be Cake! - Not so Wordless Wednesday

I just wanted to share today a little of the fun we had celebrating my little Isy's 2nd birthday. We so blessed because we got surprised my one of our friends who is an AMAZING baker and whom I've actually hired to do well most of our cakes the past year.

She actually surprised us as we were just going to do an ice cream cake.  I actually had contacted her to make a cake but my plans fell through and ended up not being able to order it BUT she MADE the cake for Beanie girl as her gift! HOW amazing is that! If you are in NY and need a cake just contact Dessier. She has NO idea I'm doing this but I just wanted to share because it meant more then I could say!

OK enough with my mushy start of my post, let me share the fun we had!

Here is the cake :

The theme for Isy's 2nd birthday was all about balloons. That is her favorite thing right now. So much so I knew we had to have some fun. So the kids and I to inflating balloons to cover the floor once she went to bed.

This was the result :

Needless to say it was one awesome day! We are having such a blast these past days! I feel so blessed.

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