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3 Favorite Healthy Quick Lunches

Ah the never ending quest of finding something to eat. Nevertheless to make sure it's healthy. For me lunch usually comes late which as a matter of fact as I was working on this post I looked at the time and noticed yup it's about to be 3 pm and I haven't really eat my lunch yet (although I did have my midday snack)

Today I wanted to share some quick go to lunches that I really enjoy. You can even use these as dinner ideas as I've used them at times as well.

I wanted to share ones that are super simple for days that you are so busy you might of forgotten to eat...Like well for me it was yesterday.

Grab yourself a yogurt and a Fiber one bar and you have a very yummy fulling lunch.You could also add additional fruit if you like to make it that much more filling. Make sure you have a bottle of water and you'll be surprised how filling it is!

Soft Tacos (Chicken) 
For this I like to make the chicken in the crockpot (I'll be sharing the recipe soon)and use fresh ingredients to make a quick and healthy meal. These are so yummy and again so filling. Depending on how much time I have to get creative w/my tacos some ingredients that I like to use are cucumbers,lettuce,tomatoes,and cilantro.

Another one of my favorites. Adding vegetables is a way to make it more nutritious and what makes it filling. This is a meal that I could have for dinner. If you follow me on my healthy IG account @healthyadventureswellie you will see how many different ways I've had this. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you like.

These are meals that you could make to take with you to work or premake it early in the AM and have it ready for when you need it later in the day.

What are your go to meals that you love that are quick and easy?
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