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4 Things Keeping this Mama Sane

Ahh it seems we waited FOREVER for Summer to arrive and it's gone so quickly that it seems it never happened. Well August becomes one of the busiest months for me as I'm sure for parents as well think the same the month before their kids goes back to school.

This Summers thus far has had some very deep roller coasters with changes and challenges but with God's grace and guidance we have gotten through them.

As we did I had a few helpers that I know will be really needed once again as school is quickly coming upon us here.

Below is a little breakdown of each and who knows maybe one or two might also be able to help you.

My Planner :  Ahh let's talk about this planner shall we. The wonderful Elise Cripe came out with this planner that truth be told I thought and thought AND thought about WHY did I need this. Truth be told I have a couple of planners that I was SO excited to get to use them but soon after it fizzled and I didn't use them at all. So of course I was cautious into entering into another one especially since the planner was a bit more then what I had paid for other planners.  I decided that this would be it. My purpose for it was to get to work as this coming school year it shall be very busy. I also have things coming up that I wanted to be able to organize for myself. Little did I know how important this planner would become when we had that storm we had to deal with. Let's just say it was where I was able to jot down everything keep it all together have numbers,place and everything else we needed to do and it keep me sane!  I am SO thankful for this planner. It has everything and more that I needed and I have been using it daily and it's been keeping me together and on point I LOVE IT!

Coffee  Well do I really need to explain this one?  Ahhh Dunkin Donuts Latte how do I love thee let me count the ways. Sure there are people that like that "other" coffee but it's not for me...I know although I do drink it once in a while I love my D&D latte. This is my usual AM drink. Hubby picked up the coffee so I could make it at home as soon I wouldn't be able to get my usual but I only drink Dunkin and as long as I have that I'll be a happy girl!

Journal Bible This is something I had wanted to give a go. I do have bibles and I do read it but being able to use my crafty love and the love of Jesus together WHAT could I really do that. Guess what YES and guess what it has made me get a better understanding of what I am studying. I have been able to go through different verses that I had once had before and thought it had one meaning but really studying it and writing it out in a way it will be highlighted has brought a bigger meaning to the word of God for me. I also have been doing a few studies that I incorporate into using my bible journal.

Weight Watchers : I must say that since I started my journey in January I have learned so much about how to eat to nourish my body not to eat just because I am bored,to stop when I am full, to think before I do eat. I love being able to make healthier choices. to NOT stress eat. I really was tested with that and for the first time in my life I didn't "drown" my sorrows in a bucket of ice cream or brownies but just prayed and exercised! NEVER would I have thought I would actually workout instead of just eat something to feel better in the long run doing THAT made me feel better. I am two weeks away from completely hitting lifetime even though I had hit my goal a month and half ago I wasn't getting the same benefits as if I was going physically to weigh in weekly to a official WW location. Doing so will make it so I will basically be doing WW for free as along as I stay in within my goal weight which really is awesome to me! I get to keep in check and still do the program that I LOVE! Once I do hit the lifetime I will share a Fun giveaway for one special person.. but that will have to wait till I get there!

Well those are my go to right at this moment which really have helped me so far. I am loving that I have found a "system" of things to keep me together. How about you what are some things that keep you together?

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