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5 Things to Do Before School Shopping

1. Lists : I know you guys must be saying Well DUH Ellie if we don't have lists how will we know what our kids need. Well yes of course you will need those BUT do you make lists to stock up for let's say that 2nd week of October when your kids come to you and say "MOOOOOMMMMM I need pens/pencils I don't have any" knowing right well on that list you checked off the 175 pens/pencils they needed! This is why I also make my own list of extra supplies to buy. Ranking high on extra crayons, pencils and loose leaf paper. (Oh and folders) Now is the best time to grab these items as they the cheapest you will find year round. I have a special closet where I store all the extra school supplies to make life easier for when we do need it. Also make sure to grab some goodies for you. Hey who doesn't love a cool pen! (or is that just me ha)

2.Just Label It: Another one that you might be saying but I do this already AHHH but trust me some things we do it naturally but I label EVERYTHING trust me. I use a sharpie for the backpacks (I write their names in the inside) and lunch boxes I put the label in the inside of the boxes because it can last longer. Also make sure to print extra labels for the extra things you will be receiving and purchasing in the coming weeks after school starts.

3. Snap a Picture: Ask your child to dress as if it was the 1st day of school and pose for you. This is another one that I've learned to do early because tell the trust usually the first day of school is madness. I don't know about you but getting all my kids ready and out the door the first day is C-R-A-Z-Y! with 2 we take to school and one that is off to the HS and one baby girl it can get nuts SO I learned why stress take the pictures before that way you can pose and enjoy the time doing the pictures. That gives you a chance to print out those print outs w/their grades and document it.

4.Bulk is Key: This is when having a membership to Costo/BJ's comes in hand. I like to take the kids and they each get to pick two snacks for each. Then I use those as snacks for either afterschool or lunch. I also make a list of future snacks to pick up when we return for another shopping trip. That way we don't fight over what we are getting because we have a list already.

 5. ENJOY the Process : Yes it is one of the craziest times during the year. Yes you wonder why in the world would your kids need so many sharpened pencils (make sure you purchase an electric sharper it is one of the best investments EVER at my house!) Sure you will fill like you will be labeling till your 80 but you know what time flies. It flies WAY to fast. So make these memories and enjoy them as much as you can live in the crazy busy, because before you know it you will be saying WHERE did time go. So if you excuse me I'm off to pull in my sharpener and get to work!
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