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Adventures in The City

Today I want to share with you our adventure we had going down to the city to the Madame Tussaud. I must say I was a bit nervous to see how my littlest would react but as I must say she enjoyed herself as well. Plus they were very accommodating to us as I had a stroller and I was able to move about very comfortably throughout the whole museum

Here is a little bit of what we experienced :

We got to help Katinss from Hunger Games get through the woods. The Littles climbed all the way up our Lady of Liberty. Isy kept trying to get Pharrell to sing "Happy" for her. Of Course if we run into Biggie Smalls we have to give the "Brooklyn Pose"

It was so fun to see so many exhibits and be able to explore and have fun. What I liked was that unlike a regular museum the kids were able to interact with what they saw and touch and really learned even more if they had to just look at things. As you can see my Isaac got to play with Bob Marley!


The kids loved the museum and got giggles recognizing the scenes and people but what they REALLY loved was the Marvel Experience in 4D

Since it was in a "movie theater" I couldn't take pictures but let me tell you my kids asked if we could do it again! We got shot at w/Spiderman's web (air) We got splashed w/the Water from the fight that was going and felt like we were in the middle of saving the world as our chairs took us for a ride!

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I must say we give the whole experience a Ten! If you get a chance make sure you add going to Madame Tussauds
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