Currently - Adventures With Ellie


It's been a while since I did one of these so here goes :

Watching : Usually The Mets Game.. As of late since the games are on when I go to my room at night so I just watch w/the Hubs before he dozes off and I bite my nails watching the rest of the game.

Reading : I've been working on reading the bible in depth and doing mini bible studies and using my journal together right now I am working on Matthew and just LOVE it.

Listening : Actually I listen to YouTube videos I guess more for background noise. I need to actually watch what I'm listening to huh? It's usually a crafty video while I'm working on my desk.

Making: Schedules, LOTS of changes in my home and I really need to make sure I have everything set up (well as best I can at least) so it will go smooth. We are feeling so blessed, and looking forward to what is to come.

Feeling : Well I mentioned it above.- Blessed. July was one tough month and it was scary not going to lie but as I've always said everything happens for a reason and although at times we can't understand if we wait we will be given the answers. Right now we are just overwhelmed by our Lord's grace and love and can't express our gratitude.

Planning : LOTS oh my gosh..Do I have plans but first I'm doing an overhaul of things with my personal things and hoping to make everything a bit more simple and I'll share once I see my new system I put in to effect works.

The process of each day. How all seems to be coming together although it's very slow it's actually the speed it should be and so I'm taking everything with stride and enjoying the moments. Once school starts it's going to go SO fast and so I'm trying to hold on and each this speed before we take off on the express train!

Oh and one more thing I am loving....

Watching this little one. She is so funny,sweet and SO smart. I love how each day she teaches us something new or shows us what new things she has learned.

To think of how she was born at only 27 weeks and the time she spent in the NICU and to see her now.
I am amazed and SO thankful each moment for her, her siblings and my husband.

Well with that I leave you what have you been up to currently?
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