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5 Ideas to Spice Your Kids School Lunch

How many of you are guilty as myself that at times my kids lunches tend to get boring as I'll grab what's in the fridge and get it packed for the kids to grab and go. Then I'll hear "Oh mom that again!?!" so this year I've decided to actually make mini list of what I make during the weeks but changed up ingredients to make it a total different meal.
Here are 5 different things I have planned to Swap and change for the kids lunches:

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches– Swap the PB for Nutella, because who doesn’t love Nutella! Swap the Jelly for banana slices because PB and bananas is the best treat ever. Or if you really want to get adventurous make waffle sandwich. If you follow my Healthy IG account then you’d see that if I could I’d put all my foods into my waffle marker I could! It just makes it taste all that much better!

Soups– Add more chicken!(or another protein) I usually will buy a roasted cooked chicken for dinner once a week so this would be an easy way to add more chicken to a soup you would send to school with your kids. You could also add additional veggies to make it even hearty. (I'll be sharing a post on favorite kid friendly soups soon)

Sandwich Wraps - Turn these to do it yourselves for your kids. Instead of having them pre made add ingredients you know your child would enjoy and let them build it at lunch. I know my kids being able to do this they tell me they feel like mini chefs! This is another way to guarantee to have empty lunch boxes when they get home.

Pastas-  Add greens in the mix.  For this I like to send them with a salad and will ask what veggies they would like (see a theme here #veggiesforthewin) and they again love that they have a choice.

Surprises- Once a week the kids get a treat to be able to purchase lunch at the school. Especially with the Littles getting not so little they love that they get a chance to purchase something themselves. Plus you get a few day of making a lunch!
Hope these few tips will help you this upcoming year with what to do to keep the lunches interesting for your kids. Tomorrow I'll be sharing what I will be doing different that I already has been helping me (and my kids) through lunchtime woes.

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