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Currently : Friday Edition

Anyone else as happy as me that's its Friday. This week has been INSANE for me. I've purged and cleaned like I don't even think I have and guess what I still have a bit to do to really be done. I thought I'd just take a mini break and share a "Currently" post as well lots seem to be going on.

Watching : My kids grow by leaps and bounds. Especially my oldest. He turned 17 yesterday. Can we just pause for a minute on that.... I have a 17 year old,he's a Senior in HS and this is making this mama say WHAT THE WHAT.. .but I am so blessed. SO thankful. It's so amazing to watch him grow. Although I feel as I blinked and I was seeing his little cute self getting on the school bus to seeing him like this all grown up and just makes a mama sigh with pride.

Learning : I've really been enjoying getting into the Word more and taking classes which I'll share soon as it has opened my eyes to really what I have been reading in the bible plus I've been sharing w/the kids as they I've printed pages for them to color and in the progress they have been able to learn certain verses and meanings .
Also I have been getting schooled in planner lino OH it's SO SO much fun! I've always been a planner but right now I am DEEP and it's I am giddy about it. Yup you got it I've got a post coming up on how I'm using what I have and I've got to do a giveaway with that when I do post!

Wanting: A new Laptop.... That is my #1 #2 and #3 wish on my Birthday wishlist. Oh my sweet little laptop seems to be running on it's last leg and I've been working so hard on upcoming project I did a dependable source to be able to work on..

Isn't she so preeeettttyyy... OK...dreaming a big dream perhaps but yeah that would be an EPIC 40th birthday gift to remember..alright I'm moving on now.

Listening: The Mickey Mouse ClubHouse episode -Minnerella at my house this is THE episode that must be played at least 5x a day. So much so that everyone in the house knows the episode by heart and sings along! That along w/ "Let it Go" from Frozen YUP still playing here but now that our Littlest really has become so vocal how can you say no when you hear her sing right along. It's just too cute even if you feel like you have the record for playing it.

Here is to a wonderful weekend to you all. I hope ours is as well. This weekend we celebrate my oldest birthday,my mom is coming for visit and getting enjoying some Sunday which will include the Littles and I watching the return of Once Upon a Time!

What are you looking forward to this weekend.

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