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Don't Stress it's Just School Lunch

As my series about school lunches shortly will come to an end I wanted to just post a little something to let you know one very important thing. Don't Stress. It's only school lunch. No need to try to make it super fancy, no need to get those unique boxes,cookie cutters or other cute containers. What I've learned is if you are making the lunches with love then it's the best your kids will ever enjoy.
As I see my kids growing I actually cherish that I am able to still make lunches for them. That's what matters for me. No matter how stressed it may seem when I haven't made the lunches at night or we are running low on supplies so they get a repeat lunch it's always filled with love and I make it known (or so I hope I do.)

I captured this picture in the middle of our busy am routine with lunches packed and them eating their breakfast and all I can think about is how awesome it is to be able to be their mama and want them to always know how much they are loved.
So now just remember as you are falling half asleep making those lunches that it's all worth it and why not include a silly little note and I bet that's what your kids will remember the most.
What are some things you do to make your kids lunch a little bit more special?

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