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Five On Friday

Today I wanted to share Five Favorites  I've had as of late that make me smile extra big.

1- Illustrated Faith Pen : This is the most A M A Z I N G  Pen I know you guys must say really Ellie a pen that deserves to be on a top Five list YES! Let me tell you I am a pen connoisseur you could say.. (just ask my kids and Hubby)
2-Bagel Mesa: These bagels are SO yummy! I found out about them via my Healthy IG account w/my Weight Watcher peeps. They kept posting these HUGE bagels and putting that they were so good and the best part about them they were ONLY 3 pts! (that's a BIG deal people!) I said NO way the must look that big cause it's a picture (hey doesn't a pic add like 10 pounds?)
3- Watercolor Paints : I picked up a set that Amy Tan had posted that she uses which I love! I don't have the best handwriting but something about using those paints make me so happy.. Did I mention they are only $5 ! #Winning
4. My Kinies Bag : This is my most EPIC bag. Hubby got it from Etsy (ok so I sent him the link) and although it comes all the way from Malaysia it was here SUPER fast! I love this bag. It has more pockets then I could even know what to do with! If your a mama this IS the bag for you! I was able to put my DSLR, diapers, wipes, my Ipad mini and toys and anything else I needed for my Beanie girl ANNNNND still had room but the best part is that it distributed the weight of the bag so well that I didn't feel like I was carrying half my house in my bag! I love it so much already planning on getting another style of bag from them!
5.Yaso Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Stick : This right here another foodie find that was from my Weight Watcher gals shares. Let me tell you. To have one of this is an experience of pure glee and joy. No I am not exaggerating..Go get yourself a box and thank me later!

Well time for me to start my weekend!  Hope you guys have enjoy the last weekend of August. EEK... Are you ready for Fall?

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