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School Lunches Made Easy

Continuing on a series  I started to share last week. I'll be breaking down the who and what I will be doing this year for my kids lunches,ending the week with a fun surprise.
Here is the list of the things that we will be using this year.

- EasyLunchboxes : If you stopped by last year you might have seen that I actually did use these last year and they worked out so well that this year we will be using them again. Although the previous bags my kids used are still in good condition we decided to go for new ones and keep the ones we have for our day trips or outings. If these can survive my 12 year old you know I love them!
EasyLunchboxes Lunch Box Containers : Yes another repeat from last year. These again were very effective to keep lunches prepared easy and kept everything where they needed to. These actually got their
Thermal Food Containers : We tried these out over the Summer. What I love about these is the size and that they come already with a spoon attached. One thing that my kids would always tell me me that I would forget last year were the spoons when I would send them with a soup or snack that needed it. OOPS! Well this solves that problem! Once they are done they just pop it right back on the lid and ready to get washed for the next time when they get home.
Frozen Yogurt Carriers : Alright so that's what I call them around here Ha.. The reason why I got these is since we have 4 kids shopping in bulk is something that we HAVE to do and so when I buy yogurt
Re-Zip Seal Reusable Snack Bags : How many of you add extra snacks or treats into your kids lunch? How many of you use little plastic baggies? How about instead of having ones that your kids have to throw out get these! Not only will they save you money but do your little part to smile on the environment!
Hopefully this will give you ideas for your own kids and maybe make it easier this year to pack those lunches! Tomorrow I'll share a few lunch ideas you that are on our menu for this year.
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